Re-Elect Fred Romkema, District 31 House - It is a privilege to serve you in Pierre!
Why are you running for re-election?
After 36 years serving as CEO of a non-profit organization (Northern Hills Training Center) and having completed my second term as a legislator in the South Dakota House of Representatives, I have the relevant experiences and skills necessary to influence the political process in Pierre.  It is vital that issues and concerns of importance to the voters of District 31 are vigorously represented. 
What have you done for District 31?
For the past four years, I have advocated for fair and equitable funding for Black Hills State University and the local school districts.  Legislation was introduced to addressed (HB 1161) to repeal reduction in state aid to education when the school district receives proceeds from the Gaming Commission.
I have strongly supported the SURF project in Lead and believe it will enhance economic development in District 31.
It was an honor to have been selected to serve on the Joint Appropriations Committee for 2010-2012. During my first term (2008-2010), my committee service included Health and Human Services and Local Government Committees. These experiences enabled me to draw upon years of experience and “know-how” in the areas of budgeting, human services, and local government.
What will you do for the citizens of District 31?
With a history of advocacy and community service, it is an honor to draw upon my knowledge and experience to serve as an advocate for and representative of District 31.
My background ("track record") is that of an engaged, community volunteer, small business owner, and CEO of a not-for-profit entity.  Thus, I have a unique perspective regarding the needs of business people, those who cannot speak for themselves, and the many hard workers of District 31 who go to work everyday to make a living.